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gains we had yesterday. we had toyota in focus yesterday. moody's cutting the, elsewhere in shanghai, the composite, 1.1% lower. we're seeing more measures, fresh measures by the government to cut circulation. that is weighing on the index there. the hang seng down 0.3%. in south korea, the kospi sliding 0.4%. the bombay sensex rising to the up side, up 1.3%. and the australian market down almost 1%. how is all this impacting the ftse cnbc global 3 hunl index? let's check to see how that is faring in light of what's happening in the equity market. we are waiting for it to come up. just give us a little bit of time so far. nicole, it is one of those things on a thursday morning. what can i say? >> i like to call it a friday eve, christine. it makes it sounds a little better. regardless of the charts, let's take a look at what we're seeing in the united states. lower across the board with dow futures down about 8 below fair value right now. excuse me. they are a little bit lower, actually. so are nasdaq futures and s&p 500 futures. we have about 100 of the s&p 500 companies reportsing
geithner speaking in new delhi. >>> u.s. regulators want to slap toyota with a civil penalty, amounting to about $16.4 billion, the biggest fine for an automaker in history. toyota failed to notify quickly about its defective pedals. toyota will not directly address the fines, but says it has taken the steps to improve communication issues. >>> south korea will recall 13,000 vehicles sold in the country because of suspected defaults. all the suspected models have floor mats which could hamper the operation of the pedals. nicole. >>> in the united states, 25 people have been killed in a blast in west virginia. four people are still unaccounted for and rescue operations have been halted. the blast happened monday afternoon at the upper branch mine. the cause is unknown, but the mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible gas. massey fell more than 5% in after hours trading. >>> the finance chairman will be watching china's currency practices closely in the next week to decide on what legislation congress should pass on the issue. saturday, treshgry sec
to earn 36.5% of the bank after the capital raising. >>> ross, toyota says it managed to boost global production in march by a whooping 96.7%, relative 770,000 vehicles. but the steep gain is largely on the back of low comparison figures from march 2009 numbers when the company was adjusting to a plunge in demand in the wake of the global financial crisis. still, things could be looking up for the embattled automaker. the nikkei reporter this weekend said impressive operating profit of as high as half a billion dollars for the financial year. above market consensus. this is attributable to the weaker yen and cost-cutting efforts. toyota shares getting a boost up more than 3%, 3690 japanese yen. >>> and still to come on the program, we'll take a look at what's moving the stock markets in our european stock watch. right after this. >>> look at the view of times square early in the morning in new york. 22 minutes past 4:00. eurozone governments a little bit lower today. investor tensions still very much, the ten-year note yield has dropped at 3.04%. ten years, huge week of auctions this
defect and it affects the acella. we had talked about toyota suspending worldwide sales of its lexus, gx 460. also saying it's starting safety tests for all the suvs. so that stock is down 8%, as well. >>> the banking stocks doing well on the back of good numbers from jpmorgan and that helped south korea's kospi push higher. the banks in south korea also doing well because moody's yesterday updating -- or upping the sovereign ratings and it does show that the financial health seems to be a little better. so good gains for the financials in south korea, as well. and on that note, i'll send it back to nicole in the u.s. >> and saijal, for all of you procrastinators out there, there is less than 20 hours to file your federal income tax forms. up nextwell, we will talk to john hewitt, a pioneer in the tax industry, coming up. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz? she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that
toyota, the company has told company to stop selling its lexus suv. they're testing the risks identified by the magazine. it says no decision has been made whether to suspend sales and markets outside of the u.s. and canada. checking toyota shares, they were up almost 1% in shares today regaining after a slide caused by the magazine. nicole. >> christine, although paying taxes is about as popular as a visit to the dentist, most people manage to pay them every year. some people are dodging their obligations as taxpayers. check out our website to see what people do to try and fool the u.s. >>> after the break, i'll tell you why this is expected to be one of the most controversial that ubs has ever seen. >>> welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm steve sedgwick in europe. the time is 14 minutes past the hour. banking giant ubs faces a turbulent shareholder meeting later this morning in basul. activists shareholders are preparing to reject the bank's bonus packages as well as plans to absorb from wrongdoing. joining us for more on the groaned is complain schober. carolin, the bank seems t
. >> nicole, guess what? another recall from toyota. 13,000 of its lexus vehicles are headed back to the software which reportedly could cause the product to tip over. toyota says the recall will not affect the chinese market. this comes after the battered automaker agreed to pay a fine of $16.4 million to the u.s. deposit. >> meanwhile, eu transport ministers have agreed to partially open usair space. the pressure has been growing, though, to reopen the skies. the airline industry suffering losses of as much as $250 million a day. the asia cloud didn't make it as far as the canada eastern seaboard yesterday. the country sees pretty low risk from the traveling ash and normal operations have since resumed. international flights are taking off from the airport today in europe from the likes of paris and spain. last week, of course, it was a death spiral. now apparently it is a death circle. this is george soros, billionaire investor, selling cnbc that the company faces falling into higher borrowing costs. it will hurt economic activity. david kotok is still with us. david, the germa
on the economy are strengthening. still in japan, we continue to watch toyota. it's back. toyota announced it has started selling its luxury suv, the lexus gs-460 this week after the cars were pulled off the dealership for two weeks. some sales of the 460 models after a consumer report magazine warned against buying the vehicle and called it a safety risk. in a note to send out to u.s. dealers this week, the automaker said owners of the recalled vehicles will get a free car wash and fuel tanks filled and may claim as much as $45 for one day of rental expenses. all right. coming up next on "worldwide exchange," we will continue to look at what's happening in the markets and how uncertainty in the euro zone can prove to be a boom for asian investments. that's coming up next. cloudy with winds blowing northwest at 10 kilometers fer hour. humidity, 65%. bertha. >> love it. joining us now, peter dixon from commerzbank and, of course within still with us, our guest host, robert pryor, senior asian economist from hsbc. peter, i wanted to start with you. the big number today here in the u.s. is going to
gorows? >> the obvious name is probably now toyota. they now go that slowly. >> look, what are you doing for your clients here over the next few months? >> at the moment, nicely positioned with overweight equities, a reasonable level of commodities at the moment, underweight, the sovereign institute has not gone away. the greek problem has not gone away. we've got some fantastic euro fudge poly filler to fill in the cracks. >> is this going to come back and haunt us in 2011? >> it will still be there. it won't take much for it to come back. that's going to be a big concern. so the equities keep running. watch out for the nervous points and the nervous points are riekly to be coming out of china ma. >> there will be a good case for selling in may and coming back in september? >> that depends. if we see a strong rally in the run up today, then i think it will be a good time to take profit out of it. >> okay. justin, good to see you today. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> justin erkhard-stewart. >> you may have noticed on cnbc, u.s. "squawk box" has some walruses. on "worldwide excha
with toyota and honda both dropping nearly 2% while mazda plummeted over 4%. electronics faired no better with bellwether sony dropping over 4%. core machinery orders fell more than 5% in february. it came as a negative sprees as the market forecast had been for growth. real estate shares were sluggish. data shows that the office vacancy rate in central tokyo hit a record high of 8.75% in march. bucking the trend was fuji electric holdings. shares rose to a year-to-date high after nikkei reported that large scale tests of next generation smart gifts grids involving some 5,000 households are set to begin this fiscal year. that's all from tokyo, the nikkei business report. back to you, christine. >> thank you very much for that. nicole, i bet there's an interesting story coming up after this. >> there's one that happens at 1:42 p.m. eastern time. i bet you know, actually, christine. tiger woods, yes, returns to professional golf, teeing off at the masters. we're going to go live to augusta. >>> tiger, i am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. i want to find out what your thi
also strong and honda and toyota both rose over 1%. sanrio, the maker of the hello kitty brand, jumped nearly 14% after merrill lynch japan upgraded the firm's rating. on the other hand, fast retailing fell more than 10% after the uniqlo clothing chain said sales slipped 15% in march due to unusually cold weather. its drop alone weighed down the nikkei index over 70 points. that's up. >> out said today-san, thank you very much for that. let's get some final thoughts from our guest host roger groebli, executive director lgt capital management >>. in japan we've got the bog meeting, the ecb, over in australia, a fed meeting later today. anything there that could surprise the markets? >> yes, the market is really expecting that the european central banks will keep up their hawkish behavior. and tolerate a little bit more inflation. because a lower euro would give a good boost to the european export industry, and i think this is precisely what the world also needs, because the indicators show that the global recovery is intact. we see there is a replacement cycle. we see clear indicators f
flying again after a volcano-induced 5-day-old air travel crisis. >>> and toyota's troubles. the automaker agreeing to pay a record $16.4 million fine to u.s. safety regulators as "squawk box" begins right now. >>> good morning, everybody, and welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and carl quintanilla. andrew sorkin of "the new york times" is going to be joining us for the next two hours on set, as well. andrew, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. we do have a lot to talk about. >> we do. golgdman sachs and the fallout and everything coming with it. let's start with the global market reaction to that goldman sachs this morning. asian stocks suffering the biggest loss in about ten weeks on this news as fears spread to asia after kicking off things here in the united states. as you can see, the nikkei closed down by 1.7%. the hang seng was down by 2.1% and the shanghai composite was off by 4.8%. in earlier trading this morning, not quite as severe in terms of the losses there. you can see downward reaction. but you're talking d
. exporters like toyota and canon enjoyed a favorable session. meanwhile, electric electronics maker sharp says it will boost lcd television output this year perhaps by a significant amount. the company met all its sales targets for 2009 and foresees demand rising sharply, not only in japan, bus also in china and elsewhere. sharp also announced it will release the world's first 3-d television with four base display colors which will account for 5% to 10% of the lineup in the first year. in other news, honda is developing an emission-free electric motorbike, featuring a toshiba lithium ion battery. the ecobike, likely to debut in december is a single seater similar to a 50 cc scooter and will run around 30 kilometers per charge. honda plans to release the model in the domestic market where it will likely be priced around 500,000 yen or $5,000. and that was the nikkei business report for today, back to you. >> interesting. ken moriyasu from the nikkei. thank you. >>> and christine, talks between u.s. airways and united are reportedly revolving around an all-stock deal. reports say united wou
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